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“USB buckle” to charge your mobile devices while wearing the backpack.

UPQ Bag BP02 mini is a rechargeable backpack that has a USB port installed in the length adjustment buckle. It has a large enough capacity to carry a 13 inch laptop and has numerous pockets for other accessories.


“Buckle with USB port”
There are two USB cables marked [L] and [R] in the backpack.
Each cable runs through shoulder straps and is connected to the USB port on the adjustment buckle. The [L] and [R] cables are connected to each buckle on left and right* respectively.
*[L] and [R] refers to the left and right side, when you are wearing the backpack on your back.

You can recharge your smartphone or other portable gadgets by connecting a power supply such as a laptop or mobile battery to the USB cables inside the backpack. An UPQ designed USB cable is included with every BP01. The USB ports on each buckle have replaceable rubber caps to protect from water and dust while not in use.


“5 useful outside pockets”
-Top: A zipped pocket good for storing a book.
-Side x2: Open pockets on each side suitable for pet bottles or a smartphone.
-Bottom: A zipped pocket best for important items like a passport or tickets.
-Front: A zipped pocket large enough to fit A4 sized documents or magazines.


“3 zippers to suit various needs”
-Main zipper: Widely opens up the backpack.
-PC pocket zipper: Direct access to the PC pocket at the back. Making it easy to take out a PC or tablet without opening the main zipper.
-Side zipper: Easy internal access while wearing the backpack.


“7 inside pockets to fit your accessories”
-Drawstring pockets: Three pockets with elastic drawstrings.
-PC pocket: A cushioned pocket, recommended for storing a PC or tablet.
-Side pockets: Two small pockets for mobile batteries.
-Zipped pocket: Suitable for keys or other valuables.


“Shoulder strap with chest strap”
You can adjust the length to fit your shoulder position.


※Size comparison for BP01 and BP02 mini.
*Left – UPQ Bag BP02 mini, right – UPQ Bag BP01.


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UPQ Bag BP01 UPQ Bag BP01 UPQ Bag BP01

UPQ Bag BP01 UPQ Bag BP01 UPQ Bagパッケージ

UPQ Bagパッケージ UPQ Bag BP01


Product name UPQ Bag BP02mini NR | Navy & Red
UPQ Bag BP02mini BG | Blue by Green
Size 390 x 280 x 150mm
Material 100% polyester
Accessories Warranty card, USB cable (sample)
Warranty Only for early failure